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9 Nov 2021
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Neurodiversity in Society

“Neurodiversity refers to variation in the human brain regarding sociability, learning, attention, mood and other mental functions in a non-pathological sense” (Wikipedia 2021)
Everyone’s brains are different, the way we are thinking, feeling, acting, behaving and working are different from person to person. It has been reported that one in fifty people may be austic, and even more common are those likely to be Neurodiverse atypical. How can we as humans navigate better the challenges of Neurodiversity?

Nicole Gosling is the founder of ‘Navigating Neurodiversity’, where she supports people in dealing with their neurodiverse condition.

The Power of Resilience

The challenges and tough times in our lives takes us out of our comfort zone, and bringing on change that we did not expect or desire. How we react and respond in these times can often shape our future.

Digital Transformation in the Arts and Business

Since the invention of the computer, technology has disrupted the world and changed the way we communicate, the way we are entertained and the way we do business. The music, film and television industries have moved to the internet as a prime channel of distribution. Brands and organisations have had to adapt to how they engage with their audiences who are better informed and expect to purchase, communicate and get support from brands through the internet and their smartphone.

Klaus Derendorf has worked at the forefront of music, film and television industries with iconic brands such as Universal Music Group, Endemol (The Voice), Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Netflix and Amazon. Today he works with cloud based technology servicing the world of online retail.

Klaus shares his thoughts and his experiences in working with music, film/TV and now online business.

The Value of Social Capital in Community Building

Social Capital is the relationships that are core in building the foundations of a strong community. As the world approaches a new chapter in the post-pandemic era, ‘community’ being redefined in organisations and offices and ‘relationships’ is the glue that brings people together.

Leadership is also being redefined as social capital becomes more recognised. Leadership needs to be more dynamic as virtually everyone in an organisation is now leading in something. Traditional leaders are needing to adapt their style with empowering their teams, and serve and support the team to achieve results.

Our guest on the RoundTable is Toni McLelland, founder of 1st Life Group. Toni brings 30+ years experience in management consulting, change management with C-Suite executives and gives her insights in these changing times.

Music the Universal Language

Cultural and language barriers can be broken down when people come together through music. In the world today, music is streamed around the globe with virtually no limits of distribution. What is music’s place in society today and tomorrow? We discuss this and many other topics with Leroy Romans.

Leroy is a renowned producer, Musician, Songwriter, Composer, Engineer, and Vocalist. He has over 30yrs of experience across multiple genres.

Some of the largest names in the industry, include;
The Wailers, Jimmy Cliff, Maxi Priest, Third World, Kanye West, DJ Khaled, Roberta Flack, Jazz Pianist Monty Alexander, Percussionist Robert Thomas Jr. from Weather Report, Bass Player, Felix Pastorius (son of the great Jaco Pastorius)to name a few.

Human to Human Communication

As humans, communication is an important part of our lives with interacting with our colleagues, customers, family and friends. In business, communication is usually the deciding factor for the making or breaking of deals. From a family perspective, many of us know that emotion can get in the way of communication.

Gillian Maddigan is a communications expert, with insights on body language, understanding or reading faces and how the voice can be more effective.

The Future of Digital Disruption

Digital technology has disrupted many industries virtually overnight, but now we live in a world where a global pandemic is now disrupting everything, including technology. In this episode, we explore the future of ‘disruption’ itself.

Gus Balbontin witnessed and worked through the changing media landscape of the early 2000’s when he worked at the Lonely Planet, regarded by many as the leading travel publication and media brand.

Gus Balbontin

Michael Macri

Inspiring Performance with a Sports Mindset

In the world of sport, performance is dependent on many factors including practice, discipline and data. Much of this can be translated into the business world or any team based activity. This episode explores the sports mindset with the Head of Sports Science at Appollo V2, Michael Macri.

Michael is a strength and conditioning sports scientist who also is a rehabilitation practitioner. He has worked in many different sports at the professional, Olympic and collegiate level in Australia and currently in the USA. His sports include Rugby League, American Football, Swimming/Diving, Track & Field and Rugby Union.

Juliana Jackson

Optimising the Value of Customers

Juliana is widely recognised as a lifecycle marketing expert who is an active practitioner and often speaking at international conferences, webinars and podcasts.

Juliana and the panel explores how brands and organisations can grow their business with the customers they already have. Most marketers overlook the value of ensuring customers are loyal, increase their purchase value and become a brand ambassador. This talk explores how to grow a brand or business, with a strong foundation of existing customers.

Doug Gordon

Turning Adversity to Your Advantage

Everyone experiences adversity in their lives, be it personally, with family or in your profession. Adversity is seen as undesirable experiences however many success stories of business people, personalities or in personal relationships have been facilitated or come out of some form of adversity.

This live session went into overtime, so the ‘Extra time’ session produced as a bonus episode.

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